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Penprofile is a global academic network that connects students, scholars and educational institutions from around the world to exchange ideas.

Our services cover, but not limited to, areas of academic networking, scholarship search, research and resource dissemination as well as educational jobs.


Academic Networking


  • Students can connect with students like them all over the world to solve problems and share ideas.
  • Teachers and researchers can collaborate to remain up to date on cutting-edge scientific studies and development.
  • Academic institutions can create appealing profiles to showcase their academic developments and connect with potential professors and researchers.
  • Educational companies can also connect with the right customers to collaborate and deliver good services.


Research Dissemination


  • You can read thousands of educational articles that would help you solve your course assignments and write term papers.
  • You can also write and share your own articles too. Why not share that term paper you wrote, so that others can benefit too?
  • You can read, download and share thousands of published journal articles by academics across numerous disciplines around the world.
  • You can also search hundreds of current scholarships offers or publish your own.
  • You can search or publish events, such as conferences, convocations, conventions etc.


Other Resources


  • You can watch thousands of educational videos and lectures mostly delivered my experts in regular classes at reputable institutions around the world.
  • You can search numerous educational jobs or connect with potential employers that would be captivated by your reach profile and quality stuff you share to hire you.
  • There are many fun educational activities that you can do alone and with peers.


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