Five Major Study Tasks to do After Class

To become a high flying student isn’t by mere rhetoric. It comes with hard work, diligence, discipline, and what have you. Many students believe that if they can go to class regularly and achieve the usual 75% attendance schools usually require of them, they have already done all there is needed to be academically successful. No! Attending classes is very important, no doubt. However, what you do after class is very important in determining whether or not you will become a high flying student.


Below are some important tasks you should engage in, after class, if your goal is to graduate with flying colour:


Read and review your notes on daily basis


Don't let a day slip by without reading and reviewing all the notes from the lectures taken during the day. This enables you to understand what you have learned better and makes it easy to remember it for the long-term. Always ensure you read and review your previous notes before going to new lectures.


Summarize the (points in the) notes


Another important study task after class is summarization. Summarization greatly aids understanding as it gives you the opportunity to reproduce what you have studied in a way that makes sense to you, that is, you re-write the notes in your own way.  Summarization will also help you to get the main points and key details. If you can’t summarize it, then you haven’t really understood it.


Consult textbooks and other secondary materials


After class is the appropriate time to visit the library to consult textbooks and other secondary materials, e.g. journals, newspapers, web resources, etc. Studying these materials will give you diverse perspectives about what you are studying and expand your understanding beyond the average level.


Draft likely questions


This is a very important study task, especially when preparing for continuous assessment or examination. While studying, take your time to draft likely questions on each topic and provide relevant points to answer the draft questions. Apart from making your study effective, drafting likely questions assist you in determining how well prepared you are for your examinations.


Discuss with your peers


Group discussion is another important study task after class. Group discussion aids fast learning. It also presents an avenue to get new perspectives on what you have studied from other group members. Besides, presenting your perspectives to the group members also facilitates easy remembrance for the long-term.


Through study group, you also get the opportunity to ask questions on whatever aspects that are not clear to you and fill in the gaps.


Bonus: Pre-Class Prep


To understand the class lectures better, take time to go through your courses' outlines and know which topic the lecturer is going to teach in the next class. By this, you will able to read up before class and comprehend better during the class as you will be familiar with the topic beforehand.


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