Four Ways You Can Gain Practical Experience While Still In School

Whatever your course of study is –Science, engineering, agriculture, humanities, etc.—having hands-on experience in the field is very important, particularly for those who are looking forward to getting hired immediately after their graduation.


Employers value your brilliance/excellence in your various disciplines, but they equally appreciate you more when you have garnered practical experience in your area of specialization because it makes it for you to blend with their system and deliver (results) within a few period.


Fresh graduates nowadays get discouraged when they see job openings they are adequately qualified for, but for the year of experience.


To avoid this, here are some ways you can start building your experience while you’re still in school–it doesn’t matter when you get, it’s still an



  • Industrial Training


This is a practical learning opportunity provided by universities/colleges for their students. The aim is to expose the students to the practical aspects of their courses of study. The school-approved industrial training opportunity is however limited; it’s not available for all courses. Thus, if you are lucky to be studying courses with school-approved industrial training opportunity, make the best use of it. Apart from the fact that you will use the medium to gain practical experience/ knowledge, it is also a means of building your professional connections which might come handy when you’re finally through with your studies and ready for a job.


  • Internship


An internship is quite similar to Industrial Training.  The only slight difference is that internship opportunities are usually open to all— undergraduates, graduates, science, humanities, engineering, agriculture, banking and finance, and so on. Internship opportunities are provided by companies and students do not need any letter from their schools to get these opportunities. Interestingly, some companies also pay their interns some stipends. Thus, for an internship, you stand to gain practical knowledge, build relevant professional connections, and pocket some stipends.


  • Teaching practice


This opportunity is exclusively available to education students—both undergraduate and graduate students. It is a university programme designed to groom the students to understand the practical aspect of their training.


Nevertheless, other students who are interested in teaching can also, during holidays, apply for teaching positions especially in private schools. While you gain practical experience here, you also stand to get some stipends just like in some internship positions.


  • Volunteering


Volunteering is a viable and easy platform to get experience and skills needed to boost your employment chances. It equally gives you the opportunity of connecting with the experts in your dream professional career. Volunteering opportunities are usually available with NGO’s.


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