Effects of cheating in schools

  • As the habit of cheating fills our schools these days, our next question will be, what are its consequences? It definitely has short time and longtime effects on the lives of those involved, the educational system and the the society at large.

    Cheating in schools can systematically lead to the collapse of quality education. It does that in many ways. When perpetrators of cheating get away with their crime, it can easily motivate others to get involved. And if they are successful, it becomes a norm by making them less interested in studying hard for exams. If it does not affect their results in the meantime, it certainly will surface in their future career. Moreso, people who cheat their way through school do not value education, and so are less likely to encourage young ones to study hard In the long run.

    Again, cheating in schools breeds corrupt people in the society. No doubt about it, the people that cheat in school end of being the corrupt politicians, the corrupt businessmen, the corrupt teachers in the society, and the list goes on. They will use their certificate to do all sort of dubious activities such as becoming internet scammers and the likes. They could even sell off their certificate for easy money, and such certificates will end of being abused. Eventually, corruption, crime and moral decadence will take over the society.

    Another effect of cheating is institutionalisation of laziness. People who are used to following shortcut will hardly endure all the realities involved in life struggles, such as the needs to work hard and earn a decent living. In the long run, things like reading, which is an important aspect of one's growth, becomes very poor as a result of cheating. Therefore, such people could not even raise a good family with a culture of hard work and endurance.

    To sum up all, cheating in schools, as can be seen, is a menace that has serious negative effect which could lead to the gradual erosion of student’s character and ultimately destruction of the societal values.

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