Six reasons why students should consider getting a degree in MIS

  • In today’s world where technology has taken over virtually every aspect of our lives, having the right knowledge on how to use it effectively and efficiently is very vital. It is more so if this will turn out to be a great career choice that will satisfy both your financial and social life. It is no longer news that technology plays a vital role in our personal, social, intellectual and business lives. If we all agree that technology has become part and parcel of our lives, then why not consider a degree in MIS.

    What is MIS?

    MIS is a short form of Management Information Systems. It is a study of people, organisations and technology.  It bridges the gap between people, businesses and technology. It is a degree that will equip an individual with problem-solving, critical thinking and inter-human relationships skills combine with substantial technical knowledge of computers, businesses and all kind of organisations. In a technology-driven world,  people with a degree in MIS will definitely have an advantage over their counterpart in other fields.

    MIS is designed to improve decision-making of organisational managers and employees by providing accurate and up to date information regarding financials, inventory, manufacturing, marketing and so on for the organisation to achieve its set objective (s).

    A degree in MIS is like having a degree in computer and business as well as organisational management all together at once. A  student would have a computer knowledge most especially in programming and data management while at the same time learning managerial and business skills.

    Check out this article on the curriculum structure of MIS courses. Though the article focuses on Nigerian universities, it provides a general knowledge about what MIS looks like globally.

    In addition to all the knowledge and modern skills you stand to gain, here are some main reasons you should major in Management Information Systems.

    Better employment opportunities

    Students go to universities and colleges with all kinds of reasons at the back of their mind.  Some choose to major in a course because of the passion they have for it, while others do it because their parents insist on it, or sometimes, it is a trend that everyone is doing, or it could be some other different reasons that are best known to them. No matter what the reasons are employment after graduation is of utmost importance. Therefore, MIS provides a student with security and peace of mind in this aspect because of it modern multi-skilled approach, thus making it as one of the disciplines with a high rate of employability after graduation. Reason being, the course is designed to suit most of the requirements of modern employers.  Every organisation in today’s world has an information system that needs qualified people that would manage it.  Therefore, as an MIS graduate, getting employed after graduation is almost assured.

    Check out this article to read a comprehensive lists of employment opportunities for MIS graduates, including details about wages, flexibility of work and basic work requirements.

    The demand for MIS graduates is an all-time high and will continue to be so in the next many years to come because of their significance in every organisation - no new organisation can operate without them.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), individuals with degrees in computer-related areas like programming and data management are more likely to be employed than those in other areas.

    Multi-dimensional skills acquisition and global opportunity

    Management information systems is a field that will give a student a wide variety of expertise in several areas, such as finance, digital marketing, management and above all in information technology like programming and data management. Having all these skills will enable you to work in an organisation that requires a diverse set of skills. This diversity will easily open another opportunity on a global scale. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that, a degree in MIS is a key to develop a career at the international level.

    Check out the best way you can increase your employability chances by learning more modern skills.

    Almost all businesses are going digital

    Whether you are a big business owner, a medium retailer, a small business owner or an entrepreneur trying out your luck in the business world - the products or services you provide do not matter - you will have to think of going digital or consider yourself out of business in a very near future.  Research has shown that in 2008 more than 75 million businesses have dot-com addresses registered. Therefore, an individual with a degree in MIS will be handy in today's business circle.  MIS graduates are fully ready to take on the challenges of this digital revolution since the course is designed to prepare students with the necessary modern business, technical and practical know-how.

    Could be self-employed

    As a skill-based discipline, MIS gives its graduates the opportunity of being independent. Nowadays, so many people want to be self-reliant but do not know how to begin or have no enough skills that will enable them to start on their own. In addition to that, due to population explosion, urbanisation and other socio-economic reasons, the labour market is saturated without new employment opportunities. As an MIS graduate, you have quite a variety of options to stand on your own without having to scout elsewhere for a job or waiting forever to have one. Some of the things that one could do include, software development, mobile app development, IT consulting, digital media marketing and a host of others. Nothing beat the joy and satisfaction of being your own boss and making some cash while doing it. You get to dictate your time, how and when you want to do things is entirely up to you.

    One of the significant challenges that people face when they want to be self-employed or start their business is finance. Read the following article to learn how to fund small businesses and start-ups.

    Programming knowledge

    As mention previously, a degree in MIS will give you an opportunity to learn to programme. We all know how necessary the knowledge of programming is in determining your participation in today’s digital ecosystem. Having programming knowledge will place you in an excellent position to understand how computer programs work, thereby, having the ability to detect and provide IT solutions to organisations. Undoubtedly, programming will give you an edge over others by far because it’s one of the most needed skills in every modern organisation, be it profit or non-profit.

    If you are interested in free programming lessons, check out this website.

    High salary

    Even though high pay could not be a yardstick for choosing a profession for some, but it is a motivational factor to a more significant number of individuals. They say money does not buy happiness, but surely, it will buy you so many things that will make you very happy and put you in a serene state of mind which ultimately will lead to a very happy and fulfilling life.

    Having examined the reasons why students should consider majoring in MIS, a reader may ask, which universities offer this course, for instance, in Nigeria? And what are the admission requirements?

    MIS in Nigerian universities and the admission requirement

    Well, first of all, only a few universities in Nigeria offer MIS, partly because it’s a relatively new field of study compared to more traditional ones, and the digital revolution is still at its inception in the country. The good news is, because of its importance, in the not too distance future, Nigerian universities would definitely embrace more modern courses, and surely MIS has all it takes to be one of those courses.

    Some of the universities that offer MIS in Nigeria are:

    1. American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State
    2. Salem University, Lokoja, Kogi State
    3. Baze University, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory
    4. Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State
    5. Paul University, Akwa, Anambra State

    Note: I will update you whenever there is any university that introduces the course or I have found another one that is offering it.

    The requirement to study MIS in Nigeria is to score a minimum of credit (C1 or C2) in 5 Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) subjects. The subjects should include: English Language, Mathematics, Physics and the remaining 2 to be chosen from Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics, Biology and Geography depending on the university. For more information check out the UTME Brochure.

    To conclude, it’s evident that, Management Information Systems is a very prospective course to study today given its focus on how technology integrates management and finance, which is the current trend in the global economy. As far as Nigeria is concerned, it is offered by a few universities, and there is a clear indication that the number will increase with the country’s economy and education advancing each day. And this is a reason enough for every senior school graduate to start thinking of an MIS degree. Surely, you will not be disappointed.

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