How to write a great thesis statement

  • A thesis statement is the most important single line that represents the argument of any writer writing the thesis. Thesis statement for research papers is an important research plan any high school, college or university student need to follow. By understanding the basics of writing thesis statement outlines, a student can have ideas about his or her thesis paper that they need to follow. This content of this article would help you in drafting thesis statement based on research of different thesis statements help you in logically presenting your complete idea of the paper.

    Features of a thesis paper statement

    There are certain features of a thesis statement that every writer must adhere to. It is so because the thesis statement is the core of any paper and must be taken as such. List of thesis paper “MUST HAVE” features include:


    The crux of thesis paper should be represented by the thesis statement alone. It is basically a mini-summary that acts as the cornerstone of the paper. A well-drafted thesis statement (addressing the essentials of the thesis is sure to create the desired impression on the person viewing the thesis.


    A good thesis statement should clearly define the topic of the thesis. It must be purely based on the evidence that a writer plan to present in the paper. Therefore, it must be in correlation with the text body and associated research.

    Bearing and direction

    A great thesis statement must carry the right direction or bearing which must lead to the end point a writer wants to make. In a broader sense, the thesis statement should outline the thesis body through a great text.


    Every great thesis statement should lead to a dead end where both sides of the argument are unattainable. It should invoke a response where an equal number of people must be on both ends of the line (agreeing or disagreeing) of the thesis statement. A controversial and thought-provoking thesis statement is a great way to stir up a good argument by taking a defined stance.

    Counter-arguments give life to a thesis statement

    Great thesis statements must predict the counter argument in advance (and even mention) with their likely shortcomings in the thesis itself. This would give major leverage to the writer (on the counter arguments) that may nourish in a teacher’s or readers mind.

    Professionally writing style

    A great thesis statement is neither long nor written in the first person. It is never written in question form.

    10 best thesis statement examples

    Here is a list of 10 best thesis statements to give you an idea of layout and style:

    1. While power windows come standard in all new vehicles, there are some major disadvantages such as (state disadvantages)
    2. Drugs, even the recreational one can cause you to lose focus of your college life because of (state reasons).
    3. My experience with video games is negative because of these effects (state effects).
    4. Debt is destructive and should be avoided because it leads to an unstable lifestyle.
    5. Obtaining a good college education is essential because (state reasons).
    6. College applicants with a strong academic background outweigh those who have a strong sporting background.
    7. Becoming an elementary teacher is magnificent career because (state reasons)
    8. After graduating from high school, students should be involved in community service for at least 6 months in order to understand life better.
    9. Computer and IT services are being used in the hospital industry because they serve (state purposes) purposes.
    10. School should not start at a very young age because (state reasons)

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