Kids, learning, and the digital age

  • Television was the most advanced technology in the past that was openly accessible to the kids. Today, children are growing up in a rapidly changing digital age characterised with proliferation of tablets, smart phones, video games, and so on. Whether at home or in schools, there is availability of a variety of technologies for the kids to explore.

    The question is: what effect does this have on the kids—harmful or beneficial effects?

    Before you respond to this, read these flash fictions:

    1. Adeola is the first son of Mr and Mrs Ajala. It took them 10 years after marriage to get him; perhaps the reason they shower him with everything he wants. Adeola’s room is filled up with various gadgets—smart phone, iPad, video games, etc. including the ones he is not mature enough to operate. At the age of 9, Adeola still doesn’t know how to hold pencil. He is a bundle of problem to his teacher. While the teacher is busy explaining, Adeola is fondling with his video game! He performs woefully in his exams.

    2. Shola is the only daughter of Mrs Alabi. Mrs Alabi is a widow; she lost her husband to cancer some years ago. A strict educationist, Mrs Ajala determines to give her daughter, her only treasure, the best education she could have. At the age of 7, there is no educational gadget/toy Shola doesn’t have. However, Mrs Ajala regulates her access to these gadgets—there is time for digital education when she will make use of the gadgets and there is time to engage in reading and writing on paper. Sola never has access to her games unless during play time which Mrs Ajala has scheduled for her. Shola leads her class during exams.

    So, now your response? (Kindly drop your opinion in the comment box).

    Lessons to note

    • When used appropriately, technology is an effective tool to support children’s learning and development
    • Parents and teachers should effectively monitor and guide kids in the use of modern technologies
    • Limitations on the use of technology is very important
    • Special considerations must be given to the use of technology with the kids because they are in a formative age
    • Unguided access to technology by kids adversely affects their education

    There are many considerations to make when it comes to technology and the children of today. Read the below articles to find out more:

    Computers, Internet and the children

    Parents, children and the Internet

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