Five Reasons Fresh Graduates Should Have a Blog

  • A blog (or weblog) refers to micro websites basically used for publishing contents; it’s like an electronic journal or diary with regular and consistent updates. Blogs are used for different purposes.  For some people, blogs serve as a means of expressing their opinions, while some use it for business purposes.


    Herein, I present five reasons why fresh graduates, who are yet to get employment, should have a blog and make blogging a serious a practice:


    Positive Engagement


    Life after graduation can be really depressing when you aren’t fortunate to secure a good job immediately. But rather than staying idle, blogging is one of the best things you can do to get yourself positively engaged. It makes you feel useful and resourceful, particularly when you start getting responses from your blog readers.


    Skills/Talent Exhibition


    Blogging also gives you the platform to showcase or exhibit your skills/talents to the world. Put differently, blogging gives you the chance to publicise and sell yourself to the world. By displaying your skills and giving professional opinions or suggestions through blog posts, you are selling yourself to potential clients who may be interested in hiring your skills, either part time or full time.


    Money Making Venture


    Blogging can also be financially rewarding if you do it right. In fact, blogging is some people's full-time profession. Apart from the fact that you can be hired based on the skills you exhibit on your blog, you can also monetize the blog through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing (especially if your blog has a huge number of visitors/readers) etc.  For instance, you can sign up for Google AdSense, Jumia affiliate, Konga affiliate, etc. When you sign up, relevant ads will be posted on your blog and you get paid a certain percentage when visitors buy the advertised products through your unique ads links.


    Improved Writing and Research Skills


    Better writers are regular/consistent writers; no doubt about it. So, by writing articles for your blogs regularly, you get better at writing. And because, you can’t write in a vacuum, particularly when you are writing on core professional issues, you have to research well before you write. By doing this consistently, you are also sharpening your research skill which is very important especially if you wish to pursue postgraduate studies.


    Intellectual Development:


    When your blog becomes popular, you will start having an influx of comments on your blog posts. Some may support your views while others may argue against. Whether for or against, the fact is that you will learn from the views of the readers and grow more in knowledge


  • Kristiane Fallarcuna
    Kristiane Fallarcuna I agree with you and it was my plan long ago. However, after several tries, I must admit that I can't maintain a blog once I started them. I'm really impressed with bloggers who have time and dedication in maintaining their blogs after many years. I wish...  more
    August 7, 2017 - 1 likes this
  • Kathy James
    Kathy James As a blogger, I also feel it is hard to maintain one long term. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes I take a little blogging break and make sure I do something for me and then go back to my blog. Blogging has also really improved my writing skills...  more
    Apr 30
  • Nurudeen  Lawal
    Nurudeen Lawal @Kristiane Fallarcuna, Blogging can really be overwhelming and very tasking. However, you can be successful at it if you can cultivate the required level of commitment. Create a blog niche on something you are passionate about so that you don't run out...  more
    Jun 18

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