How to create a study plan for kids

  • Education as a process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge is very important from the onset as it prepares oneself or others intellectually for mature life. If you feel like your kids spend more time in front of the TV set than they do with their books, then you may need to tackle the issue before it becomes a lifelong habit. One of the ways to curtail such excessive tendencies is to create a study plan.

    A study plan is an organised schedule which clearly stipulates study periods and learning outcomes. A study plan does not only help your kids develop organisational skills but it equally holds them accountable for their learning outcomes. A child needs self-discipline and a sense of determination to excel at school and that's where a study plan comes in.

    Below is a list of what you should do to help your child stay focused and productive educationally:

    1.   Determine some academic goals with your child before establishing a weekly time chart that would allow a few hours to study. It could be as simple as upping his or her grades in maths or spending more time on problematic topics. To make it very easy, apportion the various topics from diverse subject areas to the different days of the week depending on the number of subjects your ward is taking at school. You might also want to create a period on the timetable where the kids can do their homework.

    2.  Paste the study plan/timetable on a spot where the kids can see it and follow their daily routine religiously. At the onset, you might need to apply a bit of parental pressure but once it becomes your ward's default your job gets easier.

    3.  Don't forget to include short break periods in between study time. Some learners, most especially kids, have a short attention span and you may not want to keep them too long with their heads buried in their books as that may be unproductive. Include periods where they can get up and stretch a bit. Activities, like reading a favourite storybook or taking a stroll to the fridge to grab a cup of juice, should do the trick. The Point is, get creative with this aspect but don't overstretch it.

    4.  If you are having challenges designing the right study plan for your child, hire an ideal educational service tutor and get started.

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