Take immediate action

  • Having just failed at something, it’s important that you don’t get down on yourself by dwelling mindlessly at the guilt or disappointment you are now feeling as a result of this outcome. The best way to take your mind off the failure is to immediately take action.

    First of all you must commit yourself to doing something that will help you to resolve things and potentially overcome this failed attempt. You must commit yourself to taking some kind of action despite the obstacles or problems you are now facing. However, before jumping into things, it’s important to reflect upon these obstacles and take time to draw up a plan of action to overcome them. Ask yourself:

    • What obstacles are preventing me from moving forward?
    • How could I potentially overcome them?

    Having gained some clarity about what specifically is standing in your way, you must now pinpoint exactly how you will move forward.

    At this time, it’s important to remind yourself about the objective you are wanting to attain. This is the end goal that you want to substitute for the failed attempt.

    However, this can’t just be any goal. It must be a passionate goal — something that moves you, and something that gives you ample reason to get up in the morning and follow your passions. If there is no passion behind your actions, then you will simply lack the motivation you need to get through the obstacles you face. Ask yourself:

    • What do I want to achieve?
    • When do I want to achieve it by?

    It’s critical that you lay down an incremental plan of action with flexible time frames for completing specific tasks. Think in small steps instead of giant leaps. Overcoming a failed attempt can be difficult. This is why it’s important to take small progressive steps forward that will help build your confidence as you pick up momentum.

    Having clarified what it is you want, you must now take positive action in the direction of your goal. Ask yourself:

    • What positive action could I take right now?
    • What one small action could move me forward?

    Now begin immediately with that first step, without looking back. This is your moment to begin building the momentum you need to get through this setback.

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