Planning an effective summer reading program

  • Reading is an art that is quite complicated. The complication is a consequence of the concomitant complexity of the whole human composition. Different people have different forms of understanding, and so what works for Mr A as a reading program might just not achieve similar results if used for Mr B. Summer reading refers to the act of studying over the long summer break, guided by a well-compiled summer reading list, usually to make up for what the student could not comfortably achieve during the regular academic session.

    Reading failure accounts for why children are retained, assigned to special education, or given long-term remedial services. Our focal point is to make sure that every child learns to read. If we start today, we could ensure that virtually every healthy child born in the 21s century would be a good reader by the time they are nine years of age and that every child now in elementary school would graduate from high school a perfect reader.

    Summer Reading Program from the beginning was premeditated to help in examining and determining the importance of a summer literacy program on the reading levels of invited students who were experiencing challenges in literacy learning. The Summer Reading Program, alternately called summer learning program, has incorporated a significant research study to examine the factors that minimise summer learning loss. Among the many findings after four years of data collection, analysis, classroom visits, parent surveys, teacher questionnaires/interviews and board collaboration, several clear facts have emerged: summer learning programs reduce achievement gaps and, in many cases, increase literacy and numeracy achievement. Like the classroom component, the summer reading program research protocol has evolved over this time.

    Providing rich summer programs helps to reduce summer learning loss and, in some cases, increases student achievement. However, one cannot succeed in summer reading program without adequate planning. Thus, it’s necessary to put out some modalities before embarking on summer reading. The next paragraphs would, therefore, focus on the essential steps to take for a successful summer reading activity - your essential guide to summer reading program 2018.

    Choose appropriate books for children

    Planning for an effective summer reading involves choosing the right books for your kids.  Assistant professor of education at Harvard University, James Kim, stated that summer reading programs works but not without the parents or other people involved to help choose appropriate books for the students and also employ simple techniques to improve skill and understanding. So, selecting the relevant books for children is the first step towards the right direction when planning for summer reading.

    Include books that contain the child’s interest

    In considering the right books for the summer reading list, include your child's interests, too. Summer reading is a serious business no doubt, you want the program to be a successful one, but that doesn’t mean you have to bring in books that you feel will help the child to read better. The child’s interest also plays a significant role regarding the reading success. So, try to know the child’s interest and add books that include his/her attention. Doing this would spur the child to read and concentrate more.

    Guide them

    One thing that a child needs to succeed is guidance. Never feel the materials are available to ensure a successful summer reading and you go out for your business without guiding the child, it hardly works. It is not just enough to provide them with the appropriate books. To bring out the best in them, children should be guided throughout the summer reading period. Make provision to monitor their progress throughout the period. If you are a busy parent, you could design a timetable around your schedule. But also consider the best time when you believe the children could learn better.

    Don’t skip summer reading once you start

    Make it a routine if you want your child to sustain the track. Ensure you organise summer reading every summer. Summer reading loss happens each summer so don’t allow your child to be a victim; it should be continued till they pass the targeted stage. 

    Set up consistent weekly reading schedule

    As you begin the summer reading program, it is imperative to set up regular weekly reading schedule. Learning should be done as planned and not out of the schedule, let the child be used to the times set for reading and unless otherwise don’t fail to be with the child to provide the needed guidance.

    Make reading a social activity

    Effective reading can be best achieved when the reader can link what he/she read with their social life. The child shouldn't be made to see reading as just a task upon him to complete, that is, cover pages and probably learn some vocabulary. Try to make the activity more interesting to him. Introduce discussions that the child can relate to what's going on. Explore a variety of social reading activities. Focus on discussing the books that interest them the most; you will get the best out of them.

    Employ the use of incentive for reluctant readers 

    When one is working to achieve a price, it’s evident that the person would put in his best because he wants to get something he wants out of it. If you discover that your child is a reluctant reader, device means to spur them up.  Sure, there must be something the child loves, promise to get that for him if he meets up with the reading plan. Bring in more incentives to spur him to excel with the reading.

    With these tips handy, you can be sure of a successful summer reading program. It is believed that carefully mapped out summer reading programs for kids, following a carefully laid out summer reading list will achieve unparalleled results for our kids in school. Kids, teachers, and boards are encouraged to make the most of the Summer Reading Programs.

    It is also essential to start the process early. So, while you take note of the tips to adopt for your kids this summer vacation, endeavour to begin the process soon, the sooner, the better.

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