7 strategies to integrate technology in the classroom

  • As we are living in 21st century, technology is becoming predominant in the classrooms like all other fields. Educators are also now taking benefit of technology in the classroom. As students are technologically active, they get more engaged with the lesson. Technology makes learning more appealing and interesting. It helps the students to be mentally present in the classroom all the time which automatically improve retention rate. Following are 7 best strategies to integrate technology in the classroom as an excellent learning tool.

    1. Use multimedia while giving lectures

    Multimedia is a good way to integrate technology in the classroom. However, if you would use only written material in your presentation, it may disengage the students. You must include images, graphs, sound effects and other elements of multimedia to keep the students involved.

    2. Video lessons

    It is a worth saying that “a picture says a thousand words”. If a picture can do such wonders, imagine what a video might do? Video lessons can help students to get the clear understanding of the topic. You can easily compliment your lesson with a related YouTube video.

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    3. Podcast playing

    With the help of the podcasts, teachers

    • can explore subject related topics
    • can learn teaching strategies and techniques
    • can take help from detailed lectures from renowned professors
    • can create and post podcasts for students who want to review the lesson some other time

    4. Blogging

    Ed-oriented Blogging is a good way to keep the students connected with each other. It enhances problem-solving and critical thinking abilities among the students. Blogging gives the students an opportunity to:

    • Publically post their assignments.
    • Express their opinions with the help of images, videos and audios etc.
    • Post their suggestions on other students work

    5. Web-quest participation

    Web-quest increases interest among the students in the research process. They find it fun to become a detective and process information in engaging environment. You just have to give them a curriculum topic. They will themselves scour web sources and retrieve information. At the end, they will feel good by how much research they did.

    6. Use of social media

    Social media can also be a very fun way to incorporate technology in the classroom. To expand the learning experience of students, seek benefit from social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Teachers can also use Twitter hashtags to encourage students in asking questions related to presentations, homework, projects and more. Introvert students will feel comfortable to ask questions through twitter hashtags if they feel shy to ask in the classroom.

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    7. Use noise meters

    This is a very beneficial technology for the teachers who always complaint about class noise. It is a tool that tracks noise in the classroom and students automatically respond to the noise meters.

    Educators should not ban technology in this global era. Rather, they should find ways to integrate the right technology medium in the classrooms. The above strategies will surely help teachers to get improved learning and better results from students.


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