Five strategies for adapting to college life

  • College indeed marks a transitory phase in one’s life. Once you head off to the college, you’re made to face many life experiences and of course, free from the ever-watching eyes of your parents, and hence you’re expected to do things on your own without waiting for anyone to remind you. For a good number of students, it can really be a difficult task adapting to the life and ways of college in an ever-evolving urban city. It has been reported that eating disorders, fatigue and exhaustion (amongst other problems) are major challenges faced by freshmen in college due to poor management of time and a deficiency of proper and helpful guide about how best to optimize the life in college. This article is aimed at serving as a compass, one that is sure to navigate the student to the optimum college experience. Here are five (5) tips to help students adapt to life in College.

    Attend classes

    Attending classes doesn’t always appear as fun, many have opined that cutting a class is the best way to get the grip of college but they couldn’t be more wrong! Being present at your lectures is, in fact, a key way to getting the hang of things on campus. With each class attended, you will get a grip on your school work, meet new people and increase your overall understanding of the way things operate in your department. An additional reason to make it to class is the fact that you are already paying a lot for them, so why not attend them anyway?

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    Join a club

    There is also no replacement for your friends back home; making new friends and obtaining new hobbies may be a good way to take your mind off of the feelings of nostalgia and help you ease into your new school experience. Identify any club that is of some interest to you and indulge yourself. Learn their meeting days and determine in your heart to attend, this is the first step to a meaningful and rewarding social life.

    Welcome new experiences

    In college everything is completely and totally different from when you were in high school, there are new friends, new lecturers and definitely a new environment. A good approach to managing these changes is to be open-minded. Anticipate the changes and prepare for them. Be sociable and warm towards new people you meet. Appreciate the differences of their beliefs and culture. Understand that college is not solely concerned with learning facts and theories from textbooks, or with simply obtaining a degree. A huge part of the college experience involves exploring new subjects, finding friends and meeting folks from totally different backgrounds.

    Wisely manage your time

    Most students don’t need help to be carried away by activities going on in College, especially non-academic activities. Be wise so as not to get too carried away and then fail to study. Consider your curricula, find out the deadlines for your assignment from your instructor in each of your courses and manage your schedule efficiently so as to keep track of them. Be sure to schedule in time to study, so that you don't wait until the last minute - a practice that doesn't work so well in college.

    Checking out this article will help you on how to practically manage your time and excel in your college study. 

    Ask for help

    As a freshman in college, it’s expected that you will make some mistakes or be unclear of some facts. You don’t need to feel embarrassed about having to inquire from persons on how things are being done. Understand that your apprehension may be keeping you from obtaining useful information. Go on and ask someone what you need to know. Once you ask, you can move through the fears and move forward. Your college is full of resources, such as counselors, mentors, and other advocates. Feel free to inquire of your parents or guardian about whatever may seem unclear. Remember they were right where you are at some point. So there’s no need to be bashful!

    College is filled with endless opportunities and possibilities. A lot can happen in one semester, talk more of the entire years you’d spend there. I’d hope that this article will serve you well, in cushioning your transition as this is key in optimizing your life in College.


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