7 ways of coping with a bad roommate

  • Sharing space with a bad roommate is a disaster that many would like to do whatsoever it takes to prevent such from happening, or from having a repeat experience. Nevertheless, having a lousy roommate shouldn’t make anyone feel depressed. It shouldn’t lead to another detrimental effect on the well-being of an individual. Therefore, it is good to identify ways in which one can cope, irrespective of the attitude of a roommate; as such a decision would help to keep one both physically and emotionally sound.

    Here are seven ways of coping with a bad roommate:

    No silent aggression - Express your feelings

    Many times people prefer to keep grudges that do little or no good to their wellbeing. Learning to vocalize your aggression subtly may go a long way in ensuring that the relationship you have with a bad roommate is not worsened. The need to vocalize any pain can be handled with the right voice tone.

    Also, discovering the best time to communicate any issue is also very important. Your roommate may be preoccupied on a particular day so you may choose to express any ill feelings you have when your roommate is in a relaxed mood and has no much distractions at that time.

    According to Loia (2016), “By gently telling your roommate that talking loudly keeps you from concentrating on your homework, you can make them aware of what they’re doing and maybe they will change.” So this point emphasizes the need to have some rapport with your roommate when there is a need to settle an issue you may be having peacefully.

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    Set the rules together

    Setting the rules together means that you and your roommate can become accountable to each other. The rules adopted are usually going to be favorable to both parties, thereby reiterating the need to work together to bring up the rules you both want to follow after.

    According to Hoyt (2017), “If you are worried that your roomie isn’t doing their share of chores, make a chart to set guidelines and responsibilities together.” So developing rules together would be helpful for a good stay.

    Also, setting the rules ensures that you and your roommate can trash out issues about smoking, making calls while in the room, allocated time for visitors and many other things that could be a distraction to any of you while the other person engages in it.

    The rules that are set allows you both to respect each other as roommates, and according to Schluckebier (2017) “You and your roommate should be able to set ground rules.”

    Make the rules conspicuous

    A bad roommate won’t be concerned about any new rules; as long as he or she doesn’t keep to it. So it may become your duty to engage in the extra effort of making the rules very well obvious and reachable at any point in time. Why not check out how to organise and succeed as a university students. It will provide you with practical strategies on how communicate effectively with mates.

    Look for alternatives

    It is important to think of alternatives to handling the attitude of a bad roommate. For example, if you have a roommate that is regularly playing high sounding music in the middle of the night, then it may be best for you to get an earplug to limit the level of distraction that you experience.

    Hang out together

    This suggestion sounds weird because few persons would consider the need to invite a bad roommate for dinner. Notwithstanding this idea should be considered especially when the negative habit of your roommate is as a result of some external influence or some relationship she had with other people. The effect of external influence means your roommate is trying to transfer an aggression on you, which you can better handle by discovering such problem through peaceful dialogue.

    It is important to note that the location for dinner should be one that is not in a secluded area, to prevent any form of harm from such a roommate, especially when there is a fierce contention between you and your roommate.

    Teach by example

    A bad roommate won’t take you seriously when you are not better off as regards some rules set by both of you. Setting ground rules is not all that is required to ensure that you have a good time with your roommate, but it is crucial that you are not selective as regards the rules that is prepared by both of you.

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    Just take a break

    It may become necessary at some point to recognize when you need to take a break from the everyday communication you are having with your roommate. This may require you visiting a different state or engaging in an impromptu vacation. You remember the famous saying about the value people place on that which they don’t see.

    More so, according to Wright (2017), “One of the best ways to deal with a terrible roommate situation is just to pack your loads and go.” But in situations where you have little or no options as regards getting a different accommodation, then it may be fine just to take a break and give your roommate some time without having to see you, maybe that would help your roommate to discover the value of your presence and learn to act rightly towards you.

    In conclusion, having the right tips as regards handling a bad roommate may be important in ensuring that a positive and acceptable attitude is developed by a roommate.


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