College degree and globalization

  • It’s quite evident that in recent times the value of a college degree has been decreasing. Multi-national companies such as Google have been known to hire people without any college background whatsoever. With the world turning towards globalization, skillsets required to attain a job have become quite specific. So is it worth getting a college degree? Or should one opt to take on other online courses and get specialization in them?

    Why does one attend college?

    Many people argue that attaining a college degree isn’t simply about getting an education. Rather it helps you interact with different people and lets you explore your hidden potential. University is a place where you’re surrounded by people that are the same age as you. You’ll learn to tolerate and respect other people’s opinion and would learn to live in a harmonious environment. You’ll also have to learn the art of time management which is an effective tool for your future endeavours.

    How much is “good” education worth?

    Getting a college degree isn’t cheap as it requires thousands of dollars annually. However, in this world where information is readily available and is accessible from anywhere, is it worth taking out loans to get a college degree? Universities such as MIT, Yale and others have put up free online courses that can be taken by anyone at their own time. You’ll learn at your own pace without the hassle of keeping up with your classmates. Many people just specialize in their areas of interest and develop their skillset. Employers tend to prefer them over conventional applicants with college degrees.

    Advantages of taking online courses

    Now the question arises if a college degree isn’t worth the time and money then what key benefits does online education provider to a student.

    Learning anything that interests you

    Although you can learn any program or course in a traditional university, yet it still limits your options. In online education, you can simply google the course you want to pursue, see the contents of the course and enrol in it without any hassle. It lets you explore different areas of interests and pursue them all together without the unnecessary expenditures.

    Comfort for the student

    As an online student, comfort is a major advantage. You won’t have to physically go to classes, and all the material and resources will be available just a few searches away. However, it’s something that might get overextended, and a person might become too comfortable. Therefore setting up an inspirational study environment at your house is important.

    Online courses will shine out on your resume

    It’s a brutal truth that not everyone can make into the top-notch colleges around the globe as their acceptance rate is quite low. However, anyone can take their online courses and could let that reflect on their resume. Employers will be inclined towards your resume for hiring and even promotion purposes. Also, online courses aren’t seen as inferior by hiring managers.

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