Why a career in education? These nine reasons will convince you

  • Whether you are just deciding on your career or you wish to change into another, there are several reasons people may choose the field of education. Unlike in the past, Education has seen many key players in the market offering quality primary, secondary, and tertiary education; one will benefit in many ways by being a part of this industry. In this article, we will explore why you should choose a career in the field of education.

    1. Impact and mould the youth

    If one of your life missions is to create an impact and make a difference, this is one pivotal area to start from. There’s no greater opportunity than by working with youth. You can mould, inspire, and educate them to impact the next generation of citizens. Although you may strive to recreate this experience with other industries and professions, there may not be anything that’s as rewarding or one that produces tangible results like this.

    2. The work is tough – but isn’t mundane

    Every day is a new day, a new opportunity, and new challenges. When you are working with students, one thing that isn’t present is a mundane process. As vivid as children are, so are the challenges they represent. When you are working with young individuals, you are almost guaranteed never to have a boring day in your life.

    3. Subject specialisation

    Maybe you are passionate about economics, mathematics, or languages – unlike in the corporate world, these subjects may be your core areas of interest. One career you can explore and delve deeper is with education.

    4. Creativity is accepted

    Being the expert in the field of study will not confine you to a textbook, literally. You are free to use any methodology or means to educate students. If you are passionate about an area or field of education, you probably already have a few methods of teaching that you would like to explore.

    5. Inspire a new generation

    Growing up, you probably had a teacher whom you looked up to; someone who inspired you to be who you are today. Teaching can allow you to do the same with the people around you. You have the opportunity to inspire and lead a generation of youth to achieve their goals and be remembered as someone who influenced their lives for the better.

    6. Great work-life balance

    Unlike working in the corporate sector, you are guaranteed an excellent work-life balance. Teaching or education has only a limited number of hours a day and has vacation time at least thrice annually. This is an ideal career if you wish to pursue your higher education or even have balance at home with children and marriage.

    7. You meet many people

    For anyone who thinks that education is being confined to four walls, they are greatly mistaken. You are afforded an opportunity to meet several types of people; you also interact with their parents and others within your educational institute:

    8. You like working with children

    If you adore children, teaching will come naturally to you. The task will not seem as tedious to you if you like children and enjoy spending time with them. The field of education for some can be less of a task, and more of an entertainment then.

    9. You like accepting challenges

    Teaching, too, has its deadlines. You would have to cover a syllabus within a given time frame; you would have to grade assignments and prepare for examinations. There is a challenge that most people aren’t aware of, and the field of education will provide you with an opportunity to test your skills in meeting deadlines and work within a given time frame.

    Therefore, if you’re thinking of a career with boundless possibilities to explore your creativity and passion while having a work-life balance, education could be an option.

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