Tips for parents: Raising a self-confident child

  • Self-Confidence simply means the belief in oneself. It has to do with how an individual sees himself/herself. Usually, what makes or mars self-confidence has to do with individual’s experiences—both past and present.

    Self-Confidence is very important because it’s the skeleton/the frame upon which the outward countenance of an individual is built. A self-confident person will be outspoken, socially cooperative, lively, and happy. Samuel Johnson asserted this when he said that “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”

    In contrast, a person with a low level of self-confidence will have communication issues, social awkwardness, uncontrollable depression, etc.

    Self-confidence is built over time through series of lifestyle practices. The best time to build self-confidence is during childhood. Thus, whether or not a kid will grow up to self-confident depends largely on how he/she is brought up by the parents.

    Here are some key steps responsible parents can take in ensuring they raise self-confident children:

    • Keep your kids away from negative experiences

    Make sure that you keep your kids away from your matrimonial conflicts or other negative experiences. Having sweet and admiring experiences helps a lot in building up children’s (and adults’) self-confidence.

    • Praise your kids moderately

    It’s also important to praise and reward your kids when they do something impressive. But, you mustn’t overdo it. Praising your kids, apart from making them encouraged to do more, helps them feel important and happy. At times when they have difficult task to do, may be a literary debating program in the school, encourage them by reminding them about their previous achievements. This will make them feel confident in their abilities to overcome any challenges life thrusts at them.

    • Encourage your kids to ask questions

    Always encourage your kids to voice their opinions and ask questions. Not unnecessarily shutting them up helps build up their self-confidence, social, and communication/interactive skills.

    • Let them Interact with kids from outside their immediate family

    Too much indoor restrictions make your kids socially awkward making it difficult for them to interact with others as they grow up. However, there is also the need to be careful about the kind of people they interact with and to shield them from negative peer pressure.

    • Shower love, caring and attention on your kids

    Researches have shown that kids who receive much attention, love, and caring from their parents grow up to develop high self-esteem or confidence. Whereas, "Low self-esteem, according to McLeod S. A. (2012), in children tends to be related to physical punishment and withholding of love and affection by parents.”

    • Encourage them to read extensively

    Encouraging your kids to read, apart from facilitating their learning process, also affects their self-confidence positively.

    • Let them try things out on their own

    Give your kids enough space to try things out on their own. Being over protective and shielding your kids from responsibilities can make them feel useless and unimportant.

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    Self-Confidence simply means the belief in oneself. It has to do with how an individual sees himself/herself. Usually, what makes or mars self-confidence has to do with individual’s experiences—both past and present. Self-Confidence is very important becaus...

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