5 ways teachers can make extra income through the Internet

  • It’s not news; teachers are one of the most underpaid groups of workers in the world. As a teacher, you’re aware of how valuable your work is, yet, often you have to struggle with finances, you have to always think of ways to ruthlessly cut down on your cost living and live a humble life devoid of excesses, often far below the standard that your qualification demands. While the society celebrates you and your contributions to humanity in other ways, it is often not willing to extend the gesture to your pay.

    In Nigeria for example, it is not uncommon to find a secondary school teacher earning less than N20,000 naira per month (that's less than $50) and belonging to the lowest ranks of people in the society in terms of prosperity.

    But it doesn't have to be so.

    Rather than resign to faith and pretend to play the martyr, why not take advantage of the many skills you have to create other steady streams of income that are independent of location. The internet gives you ample opportunity to do just that.

    Here are five ways you can start with:

    1. Self-publish a book

    The fact that you’re a teacher means you possess a particular skill set, experience and expertise you can pass on. You just cannot imagine how many people are out there willing to learn from you. Writing a book about a subject you’re familiar with or something different you’ve learned from experience will not be a big deal. Your biggest challenge is in committing to writing your book to the finish.

    You can use CreateSpace to publish your book or sell on Amazon as a kindle.

    2. Sell your teaching materials

    There’s a popular site where teachers can sell their teaching materials to other teachers and make a nice income doing so. It is called Teachers Pay Teachers. Starting is as simple as creating an account, a store, researching the ideal price to charge for your materials and then start uploading. Another site to consider is Share my Lessons.

    3. Become a coach

    Your role as a teacher makes you especially adept at understanding people’s problems because you deal with so many in your day to day work. A Coaching job will allow you to help people make lasting changes that will improve their lives. You can be an educational coach, a student coach, a life coach etc. Choose whatever type of coaching that fits your abilities.

    4. Become a freelancer

    These days, freelancers exist in almost every niche under the sun. From writing and research to bookkeeping to web design to legal work, to translation, it’s practically sure anyone can create a freelancing career. You can either choose to go the easy way and sign up to sites like freelancer, people pay you per hour or elance, or you can try creating a presence online and find clients on your own.

    5. Create and sell online courses

    There are so many platforms online that give you the opportunity to create and sell your courses, that it’s almost difficult to keep up with all of them. Creating a course involves an initial commitment of time, after which all you need to do is to market your courses and watch them make money for you indefinitely.

    To start with, you can check out any of these sites: Udemy, teachable, thinkific, Academy of mine etc.

    Another option is to create the course on Youtube and get income from ad revenue.

    There are countless other ways that you can always find out for yourself. The bottom line is, being a teacher doesn’t have to be such a struggle financially. While the pay is usually less than Ideal, the experience and skills it equips you with are almost certainly more than enough to offset for that, but that’s only if you choose to use them wisely.

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