8 effective ways to be an A-student

  • You know those students. The A-grade ones that get the top marks, has impeccable attendance, and always seem to be one step ahead of everyone? Well, it turns out that even though they may have learning abilities different from everyone, there are certain habits and character traits that have helped them become outstanding achievers.


    A-grade students stay prepared ahead of every class. They find pleasure in randomly researching the topics even before the class has happened. That way, they have some background knowledge before the class starts, and they are able to answer or ask questions.

    If you want to be ahead of the pack, the class shouldn’t be the first time that you will be hearing about a topic. If you have a course outline at the start of a semester, go online any learn all you can about these topics. It will help you have some base knowledge that your professor can help you build upon.


    A-list students may spend time on social media, but they never let it consume their time so much that it affect their studies. That is the problem with a lot of students in the smart gadget and social media era. You navigate between several apps and you do not realize that you have spent so much time doing nothing.

    Being focused is very important for any student who is determined to set him/herself apart. Focus on your studies and remember that it is your primary reason for being in college. It is okay to have some time to relax, interact with others and have fun, but remember that fun shouldn’t take much of your focus, instead your studies should.

    Study anywhere

    You are called a nerd when people see you constantly reading, even in awkward places. But this is one of the secrets of A-grade students. They fill their downtime with activities that increase their knowledge. They read a book, try an invention, or go online to read about something different from their field. All these expand their knowledge and increase their productivity.

    So next time you are waiting in line at the supermarket or waiting for a train, ask yourself how you can kill time while gaining knowledge.

    Get some sleep

    You can’t party up till 4-am and be productively ready for an 8-am class. A-grade students know this and they plan their time well in such a way that they are able to sleep very well. There may be days where there is a reason to stay up late, but remember that not getting enough sleep is bound to make you oversleep into the following day, or be less productive in class.

    Be organized

    How many times have you missed a bus because you couldn’t find something that you needed to take along with you? Wouldn’t it be better if you organized your space such that getting ready or looking for something is no longer time-consuming?

    To be an A-grade student, you need to be smart about how you take care of your things. Put your notes where you can easily find them and organize your room so that things are within reach.

    Take notes

    The student who doesn’t take notes in class may end up forgetting some important points. Taking notes help you revisit topics the way the professor has taught you, even if you already know a lot from your own personal research. No matter the method, traditional writing, recording or making a video, having a record of your class discussion is very important for your revision over time.

    Have a study time

    Some people find it easy to read at night, while others desire the comforts of a quiet morning in the library. Whatever your preference, a study time is important to help you zone in your focus on your studies. Recognize the times that you do your best reading, and focus on these times as your study time.

    Remember to keep your study times free from distractions.

    Be Persistent

    This is one of the most important traits of A-grade students. They do not do absolutely well in a semester only to slide into poor performance in the next semester. A-grade students know that to maintain an excellent GPA, you need to get to the top and stay at the top. And you can only do this by persistently putting a focus on your studies.

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