Academic writing success: How to write with candor, clarity, and class

  • As a university student, you’re going to write a lot throughout your academic journey. You’ll write essays, articles and term papers. You’ll write tests and exams, reports and research project. Writing is your most important tool to success. Not every jargon writing, only clear ones that earn you high marks and class.

    In this article, I want to teach you the art of successful academic writing. The very writing that lets you presents your ideas objectively (without any bias), your points clearly (without any ambiguity) and your supporting arguments intelligently (without any embarrassment).

    The ideas I’m about to teach you will let you write quality academic articles that will earn you some class among your course mates. Here they are:

    Understand the goal of academic writing

    Keep clear writing on reserve. Winning academic articles call for thorough knowledge of the goal or purpose of academic writings. Before you write clear, original academic essay, ensure that you can be able to answer this question clearly: what do academic writings try to achieve?

    The simple answer is: to provide objective answers to a specific problem.

    All academic writings are objective: They are based on observable facts independent of the writer’s opinions or sentiments. In other words, they are not based on what you, as a writer thinks; on the contrary, they are based on the facts that you never think of or don’t want to think about.

    Once you understand this, you have stepped your feet to a long journey of writing quality academic writings that will earn you some class.

    Frame your thesis on logical pedestrian

    Every successful academic article must have a thesis statement. Thesis statements are the writer’s core argument about the topic they are writing. It’s basically written in one sentence, diving straight to a writer’s main theme/message in the article.

    For example, assuming you’ve a topic that reads: writing on the ‘The Role of Social Media Tools in Enhancing Strong Relationships.’ How do you write your thesis statement?

    You could write it as follows:

    ‘A single Facebook like of a couple’s picture update on a profile draws partners to an emotional love vibe thus closing the distance gap and creating instant bonds.’

    Just try to keep it short, logical and relevant to your topic.

    Be critical

    Your thesis statement needs not to fall within the bandwagon of what everybody is saying. Remember that in academic writing, you are objective, not subjective, and therefore your point of views needs to be very critical.

    Only unfair-mindedness writings place less emphasis on being critical; they’re the type of writings that your professor throws at your face most often. To write with candor and clarity, you need to go deeper to unravel what the author left out, hasn’t said or wrongly say and refine your thinking to correct their judgment.

    Write simply

    Simple writing, as opposes to complex sentences and big vocabularies, is the way to write with candor, clarity, and class. Just because you’re writing academically academic writing is not meant to be tough, a platform for you to showcase your vast knowledge and scholarship to the world. No. it’s a medium for educating your readers with ease.

    Write simple, every-day words that your readers understand. Even when you had to use technical terms, ensure that you explain their meaning for your readers.


    Academic writing is a necessary skill that every student must learn as it is the key to your academic success. These tips that I have presented will help you write with candor, clarity, and class when next you set to write your essay writing.

    They are not difficult to follow. Just build a critical-thinking mind to write a logical thesis in a clear, simple language. And build your points from there.

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