5 strategies for controlling anxiety

  • Basically, every human has a degree of fear; this fear is the major cause of anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks, are one of the most distressing experiences one may ever have to face. The impact of such an attack is always detrimental to one’s health; given this scenario, controlling anxiety, therefore, becomes as important as life itself.

    Many people experiencing one for the first time believe that they are having a heart attack, losing their mind, or even dying, thus, raising the importance for each individual to stay alert for as far as attacks are concerned. Anxiety is not to be toyed with and hence really needs to be controlled to curb its excesses.

    The following are 5 major strategies for controlling anxiety:

    1. Eat a well-balanced diet

    When anxiety hits, it’s obvious that victims tend to neglect eating good meals and most times skip meals totally. No doubt, the effect leaves you in disarray but it’s not enough reason to skip meals or not eat good meals, this is even the time you need good meals. Studies have shown that eating a well-balanced diet boosts the chances of controlling anxiety.

    So, to control anxiety, do not skip meals and endeavour to always keep healthy and energy boosting snacks. This way, you’ll put anxiety under control, and gradually it fades up.

    2. Get enough sleep

    Several studies have reported that fear plays a role in anxiety, in fact, fear has been identified as a major factor that influences anxiety, and for this reason, it is very important to take enough sleep to put your body in shape. Whatever the situation is, most times when you sleep you keep all the problems off you and this also helps return your body system to its normal state devoid of fear arising as a result of some life issues.

    Eight hours of sleep is recommended to help you get over anxiety and this should be recurrent for a period of time. Please, take time to also read this article about the consequences of depriving oneself of enough sleep.

    3. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake

    This is one aspect of controlling the anxiety that needs much attention and shouldn’t be toyed with. Cases have been reported where people take to drinking excess alcohol just to get rid of fear since fear has been identified as a causative factor of anxiety but this approach is totally wrong.

    Alcohol has the potential to aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks likewise caffeine (many studies have pointed out). You should instead drink more water. You can easily put anxiety under control when you avoid things that trigger its action. Also, see how alcohol can be highly detrimental to one's health.

    4. Exercise and taking some time-out

    As you probably know, exercise is quite helpful to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, keep on with exercises as it does so in controlling the effects of anxiety as well. Try as much as possible to exercise daily.  Also, take some time-out, practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, or get a massage and possibly learn other relaxing techniques. These things will help you keep back your problems while you have some busy but relaxing time for yourself. This is a great way to keep away worries and hence put anxiety under control.

    5. Talk to someone

    It’s totally out of play and not ideal to keep just to yourself your current state of health or other life situations that are causing you worries. As much as you can, talk to a friend or family about your problem and let them know how they can help. It brings about relieve when you share your worries; you’d be amazed at the kind of attention you’ll get. Also, talk to a physician for professional help.

    Anxiety attacks can be devastating yet controllable when the right strategies are applied. We are all susceptible to face life difficulties at some points in our lives and that could possibly lead to fears and hence the anxiety. But then, when this occurs, you need to put up the right measures to get over anxiety.

    I’d hope that you’ll find these strategies useful; Good luck as you rightly apply these strategies to control anxiety. You may also want to check out these five strategies for controlling diabetes.


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