5 nourishing foods to energize your body

  • Studies upon studies have revealed that the quality of our food plays a significant role in our state of health. However, choosing the right food can be a daunting challenge in a densely saturated food market. There are too many energizing food options to choose from, but several of them are packed with sugar, refined carbs, and artificial additives. Here is a short list of 5 nourishing foods to get you cracking with energy.


    An apple a day infuses your body with loads of vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibre, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. According to a study conducted at the Florida State University, researchers found a 23 per cent drop in LDL or harmful cholesterol levels in postmenopausal women who adopted a regime of eating apples every day after six months. Not only will an apple a day save you from the doctor's syringe, but it can also help boost your metabolism. Apple is a handy snack that can be dropped in your bag on your way to the office, making it easy to enjoy anywhere, anytime. It’s cheap, readily available and loaded with healthy nutrition.


    Beans are a perfect food if you want a staple that will provide a steady flow of energy. Beans are digested slowly, making it an ideal energizing food that makes you full for longer while providing energy for hours. Beans are densely packed with dietary fibre and are rich in protein. You can have them instead of starchy foods, and you will still derive the energy required to get through your day.


    Oatmeal has grown in popularity in the past two decades as an increasing number of people are getting to know about its health benefits. Oatmeal is perfect for breakfast as it is a complex carb that provides energy to the body steadily, giving you the fuel to charge through your day. Oatmeal is also rich in fibre, which is essential for digestive health and may enhance weight loss. While its best to cook your oatmeal and sweeten it with fruits or natural sweeteners, be sure to go for unsweetened brands if you are buying yours from the store.

    Brown rice

    With the increasing popularity of brown rice, it may well dislodge white cousin as the most popular rice in the world in the future. Brown rice is full of nutrients and vitality. Because it follows a different digestive pathway, brown rice delivers energy to the body for longer, making it a choice energy-giving food. Brown rice is also rich in fibre and antioxidants which help improve the digestive process and boost the immune system. It’s better to combine brown rice with protein, vegetables, and some healthy fat to make it a well-rounded meal.


    Berries, including strawberries, mulberries, barberries, blackberries, and others are densely packed with energizing nutrients. They have a fantastic taste and are loaded with nutrients, although their sweet taste misleads people to think they are only a form of healthy snacks. Apart from being delicious and packed with energy, berries are a healthy substitute for sugar cravings because they are also high in sugar. You can take berries alone as a snack or as topping for different types of meals including oatmeal, cereals, and even in smoothies.  However, berries such as strawberries that have high sugar content should be consumed in moderation as they can silently pack extra calories in your body even though they are healthy.

    In addition to the list above, it is essential to keep your body hydrated always. Water is important for almost every metabolic activity in the body and helps regulate body temperature and flush out toxins out of the body.

    Quality food is essential for quality health. While many foods help energize the body, these five are cheap, readily available, and don’t require much effort to prepare. They provide energy and also have many health benefits. Remember to buy your produce from organic sources to maximize the benefits.

    If you still need more resources about the right food that helps the body system and improves health, read this article.

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