11 powerful reasons why you should keep a blog or website

  • There are non-exhaustive reasons why millions of people all over the world keep blogs or websites no matter their occupation, background, age and orientation on many different niches and field. The Internet space where you get to post your thoughts and observations, your research and theories, contents and stories, it seems is like a giant mass of dots that connects the whole world as a global space. I keep a blog because I have stories to tell, information to pass and a mind to share, here are 11 reasons you should:

    1. Self-expression – It’s the most common reason. More than half of bloggers worldwide keep blogs as an outlet for their ever-cycling thoughts. It’s like a tank, a water tank a and the water is just pouring in with no outlet, one day, that tank will be filled, and that day it will spill – better you spill it for all the world to share and appreciate than keep it in or you might burst.

    As a venting place or a medium to rant at the failings of the government, football and it’s complexities, the unfairness of the judicial system, the woes of an individual or just for the fun of it, expressing oneself on a blog is a norm these days.

    2. Ediary - Some people keep their blogs as an Ediary more or less. This is usually in the case of travel bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers who have content on the day to day activities of their lives. But while some are makeup bloggers, some really do operate their sites or blogs as Ediaries where they write as you would in a diary just that in this case, the world gets to share in the secrecy. Often, the identities of the owners are concealed.

    3. To inform - We see many blogs every day whose sole purpose seems to pass information, impart knowledge about an event, about a product, on health, politics, the law, random knowledge or all-round knowledge - just experience. These are the people whose blogs you read and whisper a thank you after you are through. There are some blogs on information about events, contests, job opportunities and scholarships. If you feel the necessity to inform people about the legal implication of the actions of the governments or some helpful, educative or important data, then it will be a great reason to start a website.

    4. To help - Posts like ‘How to increase your views to a thousand a day in just six days’ or ‘How to make no-bake cheesecake with just cream cheese’ can most likely be found on help blogs. Some people are so; it in areas that others find dicey that they decide to write step-by-step guidelines on those areas. The main aim; help people who want to know how to do stuff. It points you in the right direction with enough information to help you stay afloat. Recipe blogs, business idea blogs and blogs that guide on technical issues are help blogs.

    5. To promote yourself - As a socialite, media personality, literary personality, entertainer, writer, you should keep an official website to update people on your life and help them keep up. Naturally, as a celebrity, it is expected that you have fans who are interested in the life you lead so having a blog or website will be a sort of permanent rendezvous for you on the online space. 

    6. To promote your business - Recently, blogs and websites have become key to running successful business. Main reason? Packaging and branding (It’s all part of marketing). In order to display your product attractively and get your product or service to pop-up on Google search results, keeping a blog is an essential step.

    7. To make money - Many people make a living on websites by putting up adverts on their blogs or websites and make tons of money. Though it requires tons of effort, patience, dedication, great content, and mighty number of views, with the main reason for the drive in mind, you can pull it through. You can also have an online mall; it is a very effective way to monetise your blog. Writing product reviews or sponsored contents also go a long way.

    Check out these practical guides on how to make money through blogging and writing online.

    8. To bring people together – Say a blog for writers. A blog can serve as communities were matters concerning a particular class of people are discussed by them and ways to promote their cause. Where some of these communities exist for people who have shared a common pain, aim, trauma, experience or who are fighting the same battle, oppression or addiction others, however, is for a particular people with a common interest say, music or art as a front to express their affinity towards the main subject.

    9. To share your stories - Whether true life or fiction, many people just write on their blog, and it is an effective way to get to a large audience, release the writing beast and possibly get a publishing deal.

    10. To entertain - Some blogs are really rich sites heavy with entertaining content for the consumption of all. Where some blogs or websites are niche specific (videos or music only), others are a full circus with many things happening at the same times from pictures to info to videos to GIF’s to audio - the full package. 

    11. Gossip - The sheer number of gossip blogs is staggering. Is all we do gossip? Really? Okay, I agree it’s fun and makes us forget our worries though for a while. Juicy, creamy gossip on celebrities and entertainers have always been too good to pass, and some people are filled with them to the brim they just can’t help but pass. What better way than on a blog?

    Check out other reasons why students should keep a blog, too.

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