Great tips to making money with social media

  • Having several followers on social media is like the new high. The more we have, the more we want. But do these followers create any economic value in our lives? Or are the thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments enough? If you have a large number of followers on any social media especially, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you have a business or service to offer, or you simply want to be an influencer for the products of others, you could make some cash with that followership or friendship.

    Here we have carefully compiled several ways to turn your great follower profile to a big client base.

    Make your product attractive

    Already have a product to sell or at least an idea? Good. All you have to do is make sure is it attractive and qualitative, attractive in order to get you customers, qualitative, in order to keep them. The packaging, the colours depending on the target customer's gender or age group and the use - make it an answer to a 21st-century demand. If there are many products like yours, tweak something, throw some bling, make it stand out and it will sell.

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    Give them teasers, make them want more

    This is usually in favour of artists.

    As a MAKE-UP ARTIST, you could make yourself or some other person up and post the pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. These are usually followed by video tutorial requests depending on the dopeness of the make-up and subsequently work requests.

    VISUAL ARTISTS could post their works and might land requests or even paid contracts.

    FASHION DESIGNERS or amateurs could sell off their products by randomly dropping a picture of their clothing with captivating captions; it could be a brand within months!

    BAKERS, CHEFS AND WRITERS all have similar opportunities. Just drop a hint and wait for the craze if it doesn't come, it means you need to try harder.

    Many people become accidental social media entrepreneurs this way 

    Sell off odd products with profit

    The real hustlers, once they have huge followership, start posting many different products they themselves purchased as retailers for a profit.The demand with such popularity is always very positive because there is no way someone will not be interested in the product.

    You can change your handle into a business marketing account

    Most social media entrepreneurs started off just as regular facebookers or Instagramers then turned into relentless businessmen with the same account. Though having a significant 'follow' number is not necessary, it is quite advantageous for faster and broader outreach.

    You can combine both personal and business accounts

    This is best for a person with loyal and loving followers. You can keep them up to date  with your personal life and still or even because of that, get clients from them with massive recommendations and positive reviews.

    Ads for other business pages

    This is a fast-growing venture where people take the best advantage of their follower size by advertising for other brands for a price. 

    Also, check out this article on how you can utilize Facebook page features for your business.


    You could be an influencer for other people's businesses by using their products and giving reviews. You don't only get paid; you get free products.


    The most effective:

    1. Follow this page
    2. Like this picture and three others
    3. Tag three of your friends and tell them to follow or repost this picture and person with the highest likes wins the product.  Competition always sparks people's interest, competition with rewards = more followers= more clients = more market.

    It's a bit different when you are on Facebook. Facebook timeline isn't as beneficial as groups. My mom sold her products faster on Facebook than any other social media in just a few weeks.

    Facebook is undoubtedly one of the platforms that led to the social media revolution. I remember some ten years ago when Facebook became more widely known all over. We will log into our pages on our school's computer room during lesson. 'Free wi-fi and access to Facebook' we said 'what better combo?''

    Slowly Facebook's popularity increased instead of the expected decline, we connected, we chatted, it was all fun but we never really gained anything, nothing monetary until Facebook ads came. You can now open an ad profile on AdEspresso or Facebook Ad Manager and manage your ads. It generates more market as you reach more users, and users can buy directly from you.

    If you don't want to spend on ads, just post pictures of the product on your timeline, tag friends and await the orders. It might be slow, but they will come. That was exactly how my Mom sold the kitchen utensils she had been marketing at home for over a year in just a few weeks on Facebook with requests for more.

    Further tips on how to make a faster sale

    - Make the product as attractive as possible. 
    - Post quality pictures that really portray its features
    - Give a brief but detailed description of its use or why people should buy it.
    - Make it unique
    - Make your product an answer to your viewer's problems.
    - Advertise to your target audience
    - Make more friends on Facebook for broader outreach.
    - Implore on your friends to share
    - Increase variety
    - Always state the price!
    - Be consistent, be friendly, they will come back

    The business will even make you connect with more people thereby widening your friend's list. In this case, you are working and playing at the same time and with great results. Who said marketing had to be boring?

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