• 129

    Online Book Club

    Let's read and talk about it
    led by Zainab Fatika

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    Penprofile Support

    This is a support group for Penprofile members or anyone who wants to find out something about Penprofile.

    Everyone is free to join the group, ask questions and contribute to discussions. But, note that you will only be able to make comment when you...  more
    led by Penprofile

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    IOS Developers

    iOS development service in iprag
    led by iprag

  • 273

    Android Developers

    Android development with professionals
    led by iprag

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    Latest News and Views from Nigeria

    This group provides latest news and articles on politics and other happenings in Nigeria.
    led by Nurudeen Lawal

  • 1,345

    Education Consultants

    This group is shared by firms engaged in the business of educational consultancy.
    led by Qalamtech

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    Languages & Linguistics

    This is a group for discussion on all aspects of theoretical and applied linguistics.
    led by Lawan Dalha