Isamilo International School is the oldest international school in Mwanza and is held in high esteem by the local community. We offer an exceptional and well balanced education to 400+ children from a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds aged between 2...  more

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Job Application

If you wish to apply to IISM, you can download an application form here and submit it to the office after completion. To apply for Sixth Form fill in this form .

Please note that Isamilo International School 's academic year is from August to July. Therefore applications for new pupils should be in by June, at the latest, in order for your child to be assessed and allocated a place in the appropriate year group. Applications for pupils wishing to join late in the school year may be considered depending upon the availability of places.

Job Description

We have a committed team of creative, resourceful and inspiring teachers and teaching assistants.
Due to the nature of being a non-profit school, the staff and students alike are used to finding inspired resolutions to overcome the challenges this can bring. The school benefits from a close-knit community where teachers, students, parents and guardians all come together to guarantee a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The campus incorporates a sports field, netball and tennis courts as well as an outdoor 25 metre swimming pool. There is a great range of extra-curricular activities offered by our staff. Community service is a highly valued aspect of our school with staff and students giving their time voluntarily to supporting our Saturday School outreach programme as well as fundraising in order to support other charities in Mwanza. The academic calendar has three terms. Term 1 generally runs from September 1st to December 8th. Term 2 is from 3rd January to 30th March while Term 3 is from 16th April to 6th July (based on 2017-18 dates). 

Location: Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania, after Dar es Salaam. There are frequent ferries to neighboring islands, including Rubondo and Ukerewe. It has a growing population of over 700,000 residents.  As well as being in close proximity to the Serengeti, Mwanza is just a short flight away from Dar es Salaam, Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar. Mwanza boasts breath-taking views of Lake Victoria, famous rock formations and local wildlife.  

What we are looking for: 

• Relevant degree and professional teaching qualification  

• Extensive experience within a English Curriculum/ CIE  school setting 

• Ability to teach a second subject, especially English

  • Excellent record-keeping and administrative skills 

• Ability to communicate effectively with children, parents and all staff members 

• Ability to work both independently and collaboratively 

• An outstanding role model to students, faculty and staff 

• A creative and enthusiastic approach to solving problems